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Detlie Law Firm Why We're Here

  • Sensitivity towards our clients
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Experienced attorney and staff
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Open communication
  • Accurate assessment of your claim
  • ​​Attention to detail

We Care

"To show the love of Jesus Christ through excellent and caring services, at the professional and staff level, for injured and disabled workers."

Detlie Law Firm - Why We're Here:

Lots of people come to our office with physical or emotional hurt that can only be imagined. They are in need of healing.

Healing is done not only through recovery from injuries and illness, but through a recovery of faith and a right relationship with Jesus Christ. A man or woman who is healthy and has money can be more crippled than a man or woman with physical or emotional infirmities and financial problems. All the money in the world can't buy fulfillment and peace. Jesus is the answer to that spiritual emptiness, as revealed in the Scriptures; for some people, a severe injury may be a chance to re-evaluate their relationship with God, through Jesus.