In addition to providing excellent representation to clients who have been denied in claims for Social Security Disability and SSI, this site offers resources to other attorneys wishing to improve their skills in handling such cases, at hearing and in the United States District Court.

For two instructional videos on using LexisNexis HotDocs, Adobe Acrobat and LexisNexis CaseMap software to more effectively represent clients at and before hearing, click below. While the two videos have the same title, they are two separate presentations in a series on representing clients in disability appeals.

Note: H. Edwin Detlie has served as a consultant to LexisNexis, the largest legal publisher in the world, concerning software for attorneys who handle disability appeals, including LexisNexis HotDocs, LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage for Social Security. He also publishes a blog on Iowa Workers’ Compensation issues for LexisNexis and serves on the LexisNexis Larson’s National Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board; his opinions as to the use of LexisNexis software should be considered in light of such an ongoing consultant basis.

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